What is WeShareCare?

WeShareCare is the continuity care platform based on cutting-edge AI technology. You will have a conversation with a real caregiver in real-time, where you can enjoy the integrated technologies to improve your well-being status.

For users, caregivers, for everyone


  • Increase safety
  • Follow up 24/7
  • Medication adjustment
  • Feeling safe and support
  • Avoid contagiously
  • Reduce mobility costs
  • Reduce time in attending appointments
  • Confidential & safe information


  • Daily update of the patient wellbeing status
  • Access to the patient data
  • Manage the adjustment of the medication
  • The safer situation for the clinics
  • Save money on infrastructure
  • Differentiation from other hospitals
  • Avoid collapse in the urgency services
  • Avoid unnecessary appointments

Improving your quality of life

  • 24/7 online conversation services

  • 365 days available

  • Worldwide coverage

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WeShareCare supports the Sustainable Development Goals through a business model that promotes wellbeing, economic growth, and actions that drive a responsible consumption model.


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